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August 10, 2005
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Shuffle Wally by juzmental Shuffle Wally by juzmental
Hot on the heels of PSP Wally, here's a minimalistic Ipod shuffle wallpaper. Same method as the PSP one, just less colours (and time needed) to do an all white piece of equipment.
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misskisshu Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2007  Student Interface Designer
yay, i have a ipod shuffle.
Automatum Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2006   Interface Designer
Excellent work. Can I have permission to convert this iPod Shuffle to an icon and that it'll be available to download, credits to your work, of course?
ironhacker Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2006
federiico Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2005
Hey juz, your drawings are really cool.

Something so simple like an ipod shuffle become in a great draw with lights effects and that texture...

and... i am a user of aikon for trillian 2 pro. Aikon3 is awesome. Congratulations.

sorry my english
HaniJonathan Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2005
hi juzmental

the 15" 1280x854
the 17" 1440x900

but what i meant was that you create walls of the actual laptops
HaniJonathan Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2005
really funky stuff

is there any you can get one down for the 15" or 17" apple powerbooks, would be really cool

juzmental Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2005  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Probably a silly question, but what res do those powerbook screens run at?
radagacuca Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2005
you make wallpapers of products? how much of a consumer can you be? dont you have anything to say? Are all your stands and opinions as minimalistic as this?
"could you do a Sony Ericsson J200i? I just got one, and I'm totally in love with it..."? same to you!
what the fuck is wrong with all of you, people?
juzmental Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2005  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ooh, great place to attack me for my consumerism! Pity I don't have any of these items I draw.. as for nothing to say? I haven't seen a need actually, as this is a place for critiques on artwork, not personal attacks against what people find "cool".
radagacuca Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2005
Its not a matter of consuming items, but of casting meaningless creations solely based on its aesthetical existance, which does not differ from marketing, only that you are doing it for free. Of course, you have the right to do it, surely, live your life, rott in peace, but its still marketing, which may have an artistic component to it, sure, but we are not talking about art. Same opinion about Andy Warhol's flat, obvious creations. Now, feel peppy for being compared with a worldwide bluff, and keep your marketing work up, vectorize a can of campbell's soup.
Btw, this is solely referred to your creations. You may be a great person, with a beautiful soul and heart, but i am not aware of it, nor am i looking forward to. All we see of each other here is posts, own or favs.
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